Commercial law

Your company benefits from cooperation. It is wise to carefully document the manner of partnership in advance or during the process. Proper and clear agreements will ensure that you and your business partners are able to concentrate on doing business.

There are many ways in which you can record your cooperation. This may be by means of a distribution-, agency-, franchise- or joint venture agreement, a contract for services or by providing general conditions.

We will happily advise you on the most appropriate form of cooperation suitable for your company. To achieve a good outcome, we will, if possible, also talk to your partners about the matter. Clarity about the opportunities, risks and pitfalls ensures you and your partners can focus on enterprising.

If you do have a conflict with your partners, we will map your legal status as accurately as possible. Economic- and legal advantages and disadvantages determine whether a settlement or a procedure is best for you. For example, restructuring the cooperation could contribute to the solution of a conflict.

The more laws, the less justice
(Marcus Tulius Cicero)