Compliaint Procedure

Complaint Procedure Hendrix Law – February 2020

Room for improvement?

 Hendrix Law ensures good service. Knowledgeable, pragmatic, easily accessible and a pleasure to work with. This is what we stand for. Hendrix Law wants to continuously improve itself. Therefore, if you are unhappy with our services, wish to put forward suggestions, or file a complaint, please do let us know. This enables us to solve the matter together with you whilst continuously improving our services. To this extent, we have drawn up this office complaints procedure. Please address your suggestion or complaint to Hendrix Law will confirm its receipt in due course.


This complaints procedure applies to every engagement between Hendrix Law and its clients.

How does the complaints procedure work?

If you reach out with a suggestion, we kindly thank you in advance for supporting us in improving our services.

  1. Should you not be satisfied with our services, please first submit your complaint to the lawyer involved. However, if desired, you may also directly submit your complaint to the complaints officer.
  2. The complaints officer notifies the involved person involved and offers both you and the person involved the opportunity explain or respond to the complaint.
  3. The complaints officer, or the person involved, will try to resolve the matter together with you. All parties involved will act reasonably and should accept any invitation to a face-to-face meeting.
  4. The complaints officer informs you within four weeks upon receipt of the complaint if the complaint will be addressed. This notification can include recommendations. Should it take more than four weeks to respond to the complaint, the complaints officer will inform all parties involved.
  5. If one or more of the parties involved is not satisfied with complaint procedure or proceedings, such party will inform all parties involved and may adhere to the relevant competent civil law court or the Dean of the Dutch Bar Association (Deken van de Orde van Advocaten) (sub district Amsterdam).
  6. Hendrix Law will not charge for handling a complaint, unless determined otherwise by the complaints officer.
  7. All parties involved will observe strict confidentiality as to the complaint and the complaints procedure. Parties may never divulge any information about the complaint and the complaints procedure.
  8. Hendrix Law may at all times, also during the complaints procedure, file a claim with the competent court with regard to unpaid, outstanding invoices.


The following defined terms are used in this office complaints procedure:

  1. Person involved: the person against whom the complaint has been filed;
  2. Complaint: any written expression of dissatisfaction from or on behalf of a client of Ovidius directed at a lawyer or the people working under their responsibility regarding the establishment of an engagement, the quality of the services, or the amount of an invoice, not being a complaint as referred to in Section 4 of the Advocatenwet (Counsel Act);
  3. Complaint officer: the lawyer in charge of handling the complaint.