Corporate- and commercial criminal law

A criminal investigation and possible prosecution, as a rule, have a major impact on your company and/or you personally. The involvement of a lawyer at an early stage prevents, or at the least reduces, the possible harmful consequences. When necessary, we will utilize our knowledge of commercial law to represent your interests as best as possible.

Diederik has extensive experience in criminal law and a particular specialization in the following areas:

  • Criminal tax law (also fraud in the field of customs duty and tax);
  • Fraud: swindle, embezzlement, counterfeiting offences (e.g. forgery of documents) and money laundering;
  • Corruption;
  • Bankruptcy fraud;
  • Environmental criminal law and industrial accidents;
  • Market abuse (use of insider trading and price manipulation);
  • Betting and Gaming Act
  • Other economic criminal law;
  • Administrative fines.

In addition to assisting suspects in criminal cases and representing victims, Diederik also advises companies about potential criminal risks and internal fraud, and he acts in administrative criminal cases (administrative fines) and other non-criminal matters in the jurisdictions stated above.

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